THE CORNER Steve Giralt

Engineering Creativity The Intersection of Motion Control and the Future https://youtu.be/xqgku737FJ8?feature=shared In this episode of The Corner, Zena Wood dives deep into the world of motion control, new filmmaking technologies and AI with founder of The Garage and visual engineer, Steve Giralt. In this exciting conversation set in Industry City, Brooklyn, Zena and Steve explore

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A conversation with Josh Menco Drama, TV and Commercial Editor https://youtu.be/xkJ-7aQEQIg The Corner is an interview series celebrating the work and art that we find exciting. Our hosts Zena Wood and Sarina Di Mento interview inspiring people in the industry and explore the personal stories and themes surrounding our lives as producers and those of

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The Corner Rolf Dekens

A Journey From Inspiration To success The Cinematic World with Rolf Dekens https://youtu.be/D2RSlpo6qpc?feature=shared Welcome back to The Corner, where we delve into the minds and stories of creatives shaping the world of film and entertainment. Today, we’re privileged to sit down with Rolf Dekens, a prominent cinematographer based in Amsterdam, whose passion for storytelling through

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The Corner Sam Sutaria

A Deep Dive Into Storytelling For Change Exploring the Future with Waterbear CEO, Sam Sutaria https://youtu.be/L7IPcKHGqm4?feature=shared Welcome, readers, to another thrilling episode of The Corner, where we delve into the minds of visionary leaders shaping our world. Today, we have the pleasure of conversing with Sam Satara, the CEO of Waterbear, a groundbreaking company dedicated

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The Corner Joris Noordenbos

Capturing the Essence of Childhood and Flavor A Conversation with Joris Noordenbos https://youtu.be/axgmDMbnm4o?feature=shared Welcome back to “The Corner”! Today, we delve into the world of creative direction with the renowned Amsterdam-based director, Joris Noordenbos. In this exclusive interview, we uncover Joris’s unique approach to directing, his insights into working with children and food, and the

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The Corner Leanne Vink

A Conversation With Leanne Leanne Vink Director and Editor https://youtu.be/LhH9OJtuHf0?feature=shared In the bustling world of creativity, there exists a realm where imagination dances freely, and innovation knows no bounds. It’s a place where visionaries like Leanne carve their paths, leaving behind trails of inspiration and artistry for generations to come. Today, we unravel the layers

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Dance meets Fashion

Dance Meets Fashion Pascalle Paerel of The Fashion Composers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgL0wFWjfj8&t=183s      Noticing the potential of a perfect marriage between the amount of beautiful and talented pro dancers and the needs of fashion brands, The Fashion Composers fills a unique gap in the industry. The result has been spectacular. The Fashion Composers has worked with

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