Capturing the Essence of Childhood and Flavor

A Conversation with Joris Noordenbos

Welcome back to “The Corner”! Today, we delve into the world of creative direction with the renowned Amsterdam-based director, Joris Noordenbos. In this exclusive interview, we uncover Joris’s unique approach to directing, his insights into working with children and food, and the magic behind his captivating cinematography.

A Versatile Director

Joris’s repertoire spans across diverse sectors, from the tantalizing world of food to the playful realm of kids’ commercials. When asked about his preference, Joris emphasizes the allure of both domains. He describes the technical precision required in food cinematography, where every detail matters, juxtaposed with the spontaneity and social finesse demanded in working with child actors. For Joris, the blend of these two worlds fuels his creativity, offering a dynamic landscape for storytelling.

Working With Child Actors

One of the industry’s adages claims that filming children is as unpredictable as it gets. However, Joris unveils his strategies for success. From meticulous casting to tailoring shoot days around the needs and preferences of young actors, Joris ensures a smooth production process. He shares anecdotes and lessons learned, highlighting the delicate balance between camaraderie and professionalism when working with children on set.

Crafting Visual Magic with Tabletop Cinematography

Transitioning to his work in food commercials, Joris sheds light on his innovative approach to tabletop cinematography. By placing the camera at the perspective of a child, Joris creates a whimsical world where even the mundane becomes enchanting. He discusses the use of specialized lenses, such as probe lenses, to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of childhood wonder.

Fostering a Collaborative Environment

Beyond technical prowess, Joris emphasizes the importance of fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment on set. He shares insights into curating crews aligned with the project’s ethos and creating spaces where creativity thrives. Joris believes in soliciting input from every team member, fostering a sense of ownership and camaraderie that elevates the final product.

Bringing Brand Identity to Life

In discussing his work with iconic brands like KFC, Joris delves into the process of translating brand identity into visual storytelling. From capturing the essence of homemade comfort food to infusing dynamic energy into every frame, Joris’s approach resonates with audiences, immersing them in a sensory experience that transcends mere advertising.

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