A Pandemic Production for Marley Spoon


Client: Marley Spoon
Agency: Knas
Post-production Co: Four Bent Corners

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In a world facing a pandemic, the power of food brings people together. Four Bent Corners (FBC) was given an opportunity to collaborate with Berlin’s creative agency, Knas, in delivering a delectable project for Marley Spoon. This global initiative took place in the early stages of the pandemic, requiring us to navigate strict rules and regulations. The mission was clear: create and produce a TV commercial (TVC) along with 30, 15, and 6-second versions for the Australian market, and develop assets for use in the USA.

Our partnership with Knas had a singular intention: to craft a TVC that would resonate with audiences nationally in Australia and provide essential assets for the American market. Technical Expertise and Asset Creation:

”In a time when
the world needed unity, food, and shared experiences
more than ever.”

From a technical and asset creation perspective, our scope encompassed a multitude of tasks:

  • TVC Production: FBC was responsible for the conception, production, and delivery of the TVC itself, ensuring it met the high standards expected.

  • International Talent: We undertook the task of casting talent from around the world to provide an Australian voice-over, adding a global touch to the project.

  • Collaboration with a Food Stylist: Collaboration with a food stylist was key in creating the mouthwatering visuals that Marley Spoon’s brand deserved.

  • Photography: We secured and collaborated with a renowned food photographer based in the Netherlands to generate assets for use on various social media platforms.

  • Pre-Production: Extensive pre-production efforts were made, including art direction, studio setup, and the sourcing and preparation of assets for both the TVC and the still photography campaign. We formed a dedicated team of collaborators to bring the project to life.

  • Innovative Technology: Cutting-edge technology was deployed, including MOCO, a motion-controlled robot that allowed precise camera movement, enabling us to seamlessly change environmental elements while maintaining visual consistency.

  • Post-Production: In the post-production phase, we fine-tuned the still photography and edited the TVC, creating bite-sized snippets tailored for web and social media use.

Project Execution:

To bring this project to life, FBC collaborated with musical experts who interviewed numerous Latin musicians, while we focused on the following key aspects of the production:

  • Storyboarding: We meticulously crafted storyboards for each video. These storyboards served as the foundation for the videos’ creative direction and content.
  • Animation Production: FBC worked closely with animator, Wim to transform the storyboards into dynamic, visually engaging videos that would captivate the audience.
  • Sound Design: To ensure an exceptional viewer experience, our team dedicated itself to sound design, ensuring the audio quality and flow of the videos were second to none.
Reinforcing Our Values:

This project allowed Four Bent Corners to exemplify its core values: versatility, integrity, innovation, authenticity, and unwavering high standards. The challenges presented by the pandemic were met with dedication and integrity, underscoring our commitment to delivering on our promises.

In a time when the world needed unity, food, and shared experiences more than ever, Four Bent Corners, in partnership with Knas, successfully delivered a project that resonated with audiences and demonstrated the power of true creative collaboration, even in the most unprecedented of times.

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