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At Four Bent Corners, we believe that every successful business story is rooted in a great human or pet story.

Happy Go Healthy (HGH) is a premium pet supplement company that embodies the simple core values of creating products with excellent ingredients to ensure that your four-legged friends lead vibrant lives.

This case study delves into our partnership with HGH, highlighting our shared mission to celebrate the charm of pets, particularly our hero, a Golden Retriever named Charlie, through a seven-part video series.

Our collaboration with Happy Go Healthy was centered around the creation of a seven-part video series that encapsulated humor and vibrancy while celebrating the heartwarming journey of their mascot, Charlie. This charismatic Golden Retriever captured the essence of the brand’s commitment to pet wellness.

“A crew
of 26 people
and 15 dogs”

Production Challenges:

In August 2020, during one of the hottest days in The Netherlands, Four Bent Corners embarked on a two-day shoot to capture the magic. Our team used the commercial cinema camera, Alexa Mini, mounted on a specialized Steadicam to achieve the cinematic shots that HGH desired. Charlie, the star of the shoot, was filmed using the Phantom 4k Flex at 1000 FPS, capturing the graceful flutter of his golden fur in the wind.

Technical Aspects and Asset Creation:
The scope of the project involved several technical aspects and asset creation, including:

  • Entire 360 Production: FBC managed every aspect of the project, ensuring a seamless execution from concept to delivery.

  • Casting Talent: We worked with a diverse cast of 15 dogs and 26 humans, each playing a pivotal role in the series.

  • Pre-Production: Extensive pre-production involved art direction and a two-day setup and shoot direction, ensuring the perfect backdrop for Charlie’s vibrant journey.

  • Production: Filming and video production were carried out with utmost precision. The Phantom camera, capable of capturing 2000 frames per second, was used to beautifully showcase Charlie’s charismatic shakes.

  • Post-Production: Our team meticulously edited the seven-part video series to bring out the humor and vibrancy HGH aimed to convey.

  • Retouched Still Photos: The project also involved post-production enhancements to still photos, refreshing them with elements of florals to maintain a consistent and vibrant aesthetic.
Resulting Creativity:
FBC’s Creative Director and Executive Producer,, Sarina Di Mento, led a talented team of designers to breathe life into HGH’s vision. The result was a vibrant new brand identity for Happy Go Healthy, reflecting its positive mission statement. The new face of HGH now graces products available in pet stores across the United States and on Amazon.

Expanding Partnership:

The success of this campaign not only celebrated our client’s mission but also nurtured a mutual appreciation. Happy Go Healthy extended its partnership with Four Bent Corners, entrusting us with the production of packaging and the user experience (UX) for their website. This extended collaboration aimed to maintain a consistent and vibrant brand identity across all touchpoints, ensuring that HGH’s commitment to pet wellness continued to shine brightly.


The partnership between Four Bent Corners and Happy Go Healthy embodies the celebration of life’s vibrant moments, particularly those of our beloved pets. Through creative storytelling, technical precision, and a shared mission, we successfully crafted a series that touched hearts and reinforced HGH’s commitment to pet well-being. This case study reflects the power of collaboration and the profound impact of embracing the core values that drive a brand. We look forward to continuing our journey with HGH, helping them make a positive difference in the lives of pets and their owners.
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