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FBC and Third Bridge Creative: A Harmonious Partnership with Amazon Music
Music is a universal language that resonates with the soul of every human being. When FBC joined forces with Third Bridge Creative to collaborate with Amazon Music, the opportunity to work with Latin pop stars and create captivating content was music to our ears. This case study explores our partnership’s intention, the creative process, and the impressive results achieved in collaboration with Amazon Music.

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Our primary goal in this partnership was to create tailored, engaging, and concise video content featuring Latin pop stars. These bite-size videos were designed to promote new releases on Amazon Music, all while requiring minimal artist participation. FBC was responsible for managing the project’s post-production, ensuring the content was a perfect reflection of the artists and their music.
The Creative Process:

To bring this project to life, FBC collaborated with musical experts who interviewed numerous Latin musicians, while we focused on the following key aspects of the production:

  • Storyboarding: We meticulously crafted storyboards for each video. These storyboards served as the foundation for the videos’ creative direction and content.
  • Animation Production: FBC worked closely with animator, Wim to transform the storyboards into dynamic, visually engaging videos that would captivate the audience.
  • Sound Design: To ensure an exceptional viewer experience, our team dedicated itself to sound design, ensuring the audio quality and flow of the videos were second to none.
Resulting Videos:

Each short video acted as an album trailer, providing a fun and quirky way for audiences to discover an artist’s new album and explore new Colombian bands, all within the span of two minutes. Notable Latin artists like Bomba Estéreo and Justin Quiles (AKA J Qui), who both enjoy a substantial following in the Latin music scene, were featured in these videos.

The Impressive Turnaround: From a technical and asset creation perspective, this project involved meticulous attention to detail. The collaboration between FBC and Third Bridge Creative proved to be a remarkable success, as we managed to complete the project in just five weeks. Together, we created a versatile template that could be utilized and adapted for future features of other artists.

A Resonant Impact:

The results of our collaboration were remarkable. The videos were prominently featured on Amazon Music’s social channels, and the response was overwhelming. Notable highlights include:

  • Justin Quiles, AKA J Qui’s video received 200,000 views on Instagram.
  • Bomba Estéreo’s video garnered an impressive 600,000 views on YouTube.

These engaging bite-size videos were also prominently promoted on the Amazon Music app, reaching a broader audience and driving excitement for the featured artists and their music.


At FBC, we witnessed the power of creating compelling content that could be seamlessly utilized across multiple platforms and channels. This collaboration with Third Bridge Creative and Amazon Music exemplified how the fusion of creativity, technical expertise, and a shared vision could lead to resounding success in the world of music promotion.  

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